Electronic Ignition Systems

Electroair Master Distributor

Electroair Electronic Ignitions Aviation electronic ignitions
Electroair Electronic Ignitions Aviation electronic ignitions

Smooth Power has been in partnership with Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems for over 8 years and the sole US Master Distributor for over 5 years. Electronic Ignition system offers a better solution for your aircraft, for both Experimental and certified; single or dule mag replacement!

Electronic Ignition Benefits

  • Smoother Engine Operation

  • 10-15% Fuel Efficiency Gain

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Reduces Spark Plug Fouling

  • Longer Spark Plug Life

  • DO-160E Tested & Certified

  • Greater Horsepower
  • Improves High-Altitude Performance

  • Timing Auto Adjusts with Altitude

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How Electronic Ignitions Work

Whether you have an experimental or certified aircraft the system is basically the same. One magneto is replaced with a Magneto Timing Head (MTH) which provides crankshaft position and RPM information. In some applications, the RPM and crankshaft position information will be supplied by a Crankshaft Trigger Wheel (CTW) in which case the removed magneto will be replaced with a cover plate. The controller, the brains of the system, is installed on the cool side of the firewall and receives this information. The controller in turn uses this information to instruct the inductive coil (typically mounted on the firewall) to fire the appropriate spark plug. The controller gives this order twice per cycle, initially on the compression stroke and then again on the exhaust or waste stroke. This is known as a waste spark system and serves to burn any residual fuel thus completely cleaning out the cylinder and reducing deposits. Once the aircraft is at altitude, and operating below 24″ of manifold pressure, the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) lets the controller know it’s time to start advancing the timing. This allows the engine to perform more efficiently, with less fuel, while also producing more power. This is a true, high-energy, tuned electronic ignition system and it is now FAA/PMA approved for over 500 certified aircraft, as well as the most extensive experimental installations on the market today.

Electroair’s Electronic Ignition Systems consist of these major components:

  • ENGINE SIDE of the firewall the MTH or CTW will be mounted as well the inductive coil pack.
  • COOL SIDE of the firewall the controller and MAP sensor will be installed. Two separate B+ power supplies will supply the controller and coil with power.
  • A switched 2 amp circuit for the controller and a direct 10 amp circuit for the coil.
  • Any standard aircraft plug may be used but the gap will have to be opened up to .036″ gap required for the electronic ignition.
  • Electoair also has their own line of both massive electrode and fine wire plugs available.
  • Electoair’s spark plugs are manufactured by Tempest.