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Electronic Ignition Systems

Electroair Master Distributor

Smooth Power has been in partnership with Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems for over 8 years and the sole US Master Distributor for over 5 years. Electroair ignition systems offer a better ignition solution for your aircraft, for both Experimental and Certified. Electroair is now certified to replace one or both magnetos, including replacement of the Bendix single drive dual magnetos! Dual Electroair installations require the aircraft be equipped with one of three options: dual electrical system, standby alternator, or a TCW Technologies backup battery. Smooth Power is also a distributor for the TCW Technologies batteries.


  • Smoother Engine Operation

  • Increases Fuel Efficiency

  • Reduces Maintenance

  • More Horsepower

  • Reduces Spark Plug Fouling

Reduces Costs

Safer Flying

Increases Efficiency

Less Maintenance

Better Performance

It’s Time to Improve Your Aircraft’s Performance.

Hartzell Propellers high-performance aircraft products

Hartzell Propellers

Top Prop Distributor

Smooth Power has over 40 years propeller experience and has teamed up with Hartzell Propeller as a Distributor for their line of Top Prop Conversions


  • Reduced Noise
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Weight Savings

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