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Darrell Pool, owner of Smooth Power LLC, has been in the aviation field for over 40 years. Starting as a propeller technician with a business management degree, he became the Shop Foreman & later started his own aircraft propeller repair station with his wife Rhonda. Now they own 8 aircraft and run Smooth Power full-time. Smooth Power is the sole Master Distributor for Electroair, a distributor for Hartzell Top Props, and a distributor for battery backup systems for TCW Technologies. We will continue to add new high performance products to our line up.


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Darrell Pool, owner of Smooth Power LLC, has been in the aviation field for over 40 years. At age 16 he started as a parts washer in a propeller repair station and worked there all through high school and college as a propeller technician. After graduating from Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State) with a degree in business management, he became Shop Foreman for Jordan Propeller Service in San Antonio, and then their Houston branch. In 2002, Darrell and his wife, Rhonda, started their own aircraft propeller repair station, R&D Propeller Service, and operated it together for 12 years. After their two daughters graduated from college, they decided to step back from the stressful business operations and have some fun traveling and do something a little different but in the same field. They are now involved in several endeavors. Together they own aircraft for leaseback to Coastal Skies Aero Club; Rhonda runs the office administration for two aviation-related companies, as well as Darrell’s businesses; and Darrell remains in aviation-related industries as the sole proprietor of Smooth Power. He is the Master Distributor for Electroair, the manufacturer of electronic ignition systems and related parts. All sales in North America ultimately go through Smooth Power, regardless of where the parts are purchased from. Darrell’s latest addition to his product line is TCW Technologies, the backup battery systems to accompany the Electroair electronic ignition for dual installations. Darrell is also a distributor for Hartzell Top Prop sales, and he remains current on propeller maintenance and products. You could say… aviation is his passion!